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So I am trying to spice up my greetings ….Today, I am saying hello in Serbian. I have many readers there so HELLO to you all!
Today I am going to post about life beyond the PhD. Yes folks, I know I am not at that point yet, but nearly I am having to do some of the things I am listing below, so what better way than to share it with you guys! Anyway, I attended a conference recently and the keynote speaker was talking about viewing yourself as a “Trainee Academic..‘. So..I thought maybe, someone, somewhere, who reads my blog could benefit from it
So, what is a “Trainee Academic?”
In one sentence, the stage before you BECOME an Academic. You better believe it Boys and Girls, whether you decide to go into academia or not, that is exactly what you are. Say it with me now:
Moving forward and staying in line with my earlier posts (Lost In Translation) and (The Halfway Mark), you should also position yourself with regards to where you see yourself in the next one year. Now, this is different from the 3 or 6 month plan because that relates solely to your thesis. The larger plan looks at BEYOND the thesis.
Going back to the title of this post, I think it’s helpful if you start to see yourself in that light if you see yourself as going into Academia. In fact, although this post centers around those considering academia as a potential career path, the main concept is still applicable in other fields.
Me? I don’t know if Academia is for me although it is something I am SERIOUSLY toying with at present. So yes, I am taking some of these salient points and I am making use of it. I am however still looking for that billionaire man so I can be an educated housewife wearing Prada, but we won’t go into that this morning..you can read all about that dream here. (Educated Housewife in Prada Dream..) 
 I could get used to the above actually. So yes anyway, Prada and Louboutins aside…I am a size 7 if anyone is interested by the way.
Ok no, back to business Fola. If you see yourself going down this route, there are three things you need to bear in mind. (Is it BARE or BEAR? I never know the difference…)
1. The need to start thinking like a Trainee Academic
2. The need to behave like a Trainee Academic
3. The need to do things that Trainee Academics do.
Erm, What?
1. Thinking like them..
In thinking like them, I mean stretching your mind beyond your 6,000 word literature review and way past answering your research questions/sub questions. I mean identifying other areas of your research that you can target and write about. Identifying an area which only two academic have really discussed in depth. Looking at areas that you can write a paper on within your scope and research. Creating a profile for yourself.
2.Behaving like them..
Listen. Getting the PhD is not the difficult part..its what you do afterwards, hence thinking beyond the 3/6 month plan. I think I commented on this much earlier in my posts, but, let me use this opportunity to reiterate. If you want to go into academia, you need to behave like someone who wants to be in this “circle” of academic. That’s English for Publishing your work, prompting discussions on your work/area of research and getting noticed. Behaving like them..!
3. Doing the things trainee academics do..
Publish! I have said this above, and I will say it again. PUBLISH! It is like the key to to your car.. You can’t go and oppress anyone in your new car if you don’t have the car keys to drive in order to get to your destination. It goes without saying.. If you want a career in academia, you can’t get it without publishing your work. It is still married to the above points in that you need to think and behave like an academic.
On that note, I think I ought to return to my actual work. I have like a million and one things to do before I go and eat my Subway, footlong, Chicken Teriaki with extra cheese on a Hearty Italian. Sorry, am I making you hungry? LOL
Adios guys! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]