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Thanks for visiting the Mentorship Direct website!

The vision for this programme is to strengthen the link between professionals and aspirants (mentees) who have the desire to go into the Science or Law route. At Mentorship Direct, (MD) our focus is to provide support and guidance to the professional development to the leaders of tomorrow. Together, it is our goal to cultivate, encourage and enhance the confidence of our mentees.

The first step is to register your interest in the MD programme. Once you have registered your interest, a member of the team will be in touch to collect more information from you. This information will help us to pick a suitable mentor for you. When this mentor has been identified, we will then send you your partnership agreement for you and your mentor will sign.

The next step will be for you go through the MD handbook which will be provided to you at the start of the programme. This comprehensive handbook has been carefully assembled to act as a manual for you and your mentor to ensure that you both benefit from an effective mentorship programme. The handbook gives you more information with regards to the programme itself and brief overview of what we hope you will gain from the programme upon completion.

Whether you are joining as a mentor or a mentee, I truly hope that you find it a truly rewarding experience.

With very best wishes,
Folashade Adeyemo – Founder


At Mentorship Direct, (MD) our ethos is to Enlighten, Empower and Encourage. We are all about providing extra guidance to those going into specific professions and together, it is our aim to create strong leaders of tomorrow.

Our aim at MD is to provide one to one mentoring and an opportunity for our mentees to grow with a good support network, which we hope will continue, once the programme is over. Whether you join as a mentee or a mentor, you can be rest assured that once you join, you will never leave the same way!

The mentorship programme runs for one year, (12 months) with the option of a roll over, if the mentor is available. We have structured this programme so that you have monthly contact with your mentor and this is an opportunity to discuss your chosen career path and any concerns that you may have. We have set up quarterly updates, and during this period, your mentor will set goals and targets for you to work on. During your meetings, you will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate with your mentor how you have or have not been able to achieve these.