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The Mentorship Direct program offers both structure and flexibility. Our Structure provides participants a mentoring workflow to follow and is critical to helping participants achieve productive learning that reaches defined goals. Similarly, our flexibility essentially supports varying individual mentoring needs across specific learning goals, preferences, and learning style.

Featured Mentors

Dr. Fola Adeyemo

Law Lecturer and Legal Practitioner

Dr. Fola Adeyemo is the Founder of Mentorship Direct. She is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. She is a law lecturer at the University of Reading.

Dr. Andrew Alalade

Dr. Alalade is a Neurosurgeon who works in the Victor Horsley Department of Neurosurgery at The National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London.

Dr. Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi

Chemical Engineer

Dr. Ogunbiyi is a Principal Research Scientist with Qatar Environment and Energy Institute. He is a Chemical Engineer and was awarded his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering

Dr. Matthew Nwankwo

Legal practitioner

Dr. Nwankwo career spans over 10 years. He holds an LL.B (Hons) from Igbinedion University, Nigeria; an LLM in International Economic and Trade Law from Brunel University, London

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We went above and beyond to create a fantastic mentorship experience crafted to suite any professional or academic individual interested in taking their experience to the next level.

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